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Meanwhile In Phuket

I went to Phuket with 2 of my friends.  I departed from Jakarta at night. We didn’t get the ticket directly, so we flew to kuala lumpur, Malaysia, first.

It was a rainy day. The cloud was so grey and the thunder was shouted. Sometimes the plane went through the grey cloud. It made terrible turbulance.  I was so nervous. My stomach was like in washing machine. I wanted to throw up.  In the deep down of my heart, I prayed, hoped that our flight would be safe. Finally, Alhamdulillah We arrived safely in Phuket airport, Phuket Thailand.

I was picked by a taxy to go to the hostel. We chose hostel  near Bangla road and  Patong Beach. In the hostel, we took a rest a little bit then took a bath. In the night we walked around near the hotel to get some foods.


Bangla Road


Patong Beach


I was so surprised that Bangla road it’s a place of nightlife. So many bars, clubs, restaurants, street food and entertaint places here. Not only that, but also the  entertaint Thai girs and the shemale  show.  They were to attract tourist with sexy dance half naked like pole dance.

Credit : Shinta Ries

Credit : Shinta Ries


Bangla Walking Street



Thai Pancake (street food)



Halal Street Food

To be honest, sometimes I do not know to make a differences the real girls and the shemale.  The easy way to differenciate between the real girls and the shemales was when they talked.  The shemales still had man voice.

Finally we found a restaurant that’s serves halal food.  We chose Tomyam soup, the famous local food.  After had our dinner we came back to hotel.


Halal Resto



Tomyam Soup


On second day, we went to Phiphi Islands tour. We looked for a local tour agent. Because it so expensive to go there privately.  We’ve used Ms. Ladda for local tour.  If you need, you can contact this number  +66950378670.  No complained about her. She has served us well.

We cruised the islands.  On the boat  we visited many objects, like Maya Bay, Phiphi Lagoon, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach.  Those islands had so beautiful scenery.  The trees were green and the sea was blue. But in the some place the color of the sea was green tosca.  There were so many big rocks. It was stuck like nails.


Inside the boat






Monkey Beach




Many of the islands were famous  because they’ve been used for many Hollywood movies,  such as Maya Bay for The Beach that was starring by Leonardo De Caprio and Viking Cave for Pirates Of Carribean that starring by Johny Depp.


Viking Cave


Maya Bay


In Maya Bay, we got our free time.  We swam around, played with the sand and took photos or just enjoying the views.  But in Viking Cave We didn’t get in.  Because it wasn’t safe anymore.  So we only saw it from the boat.  Now the cave is a places for swallows nest.

There was a funny experience.  When time to snorkel (maybe in Phiphi lagoon).  We tried to snorkel.  One of my friends wanted a photo.  She asked my other friend to take a picture of her.  When she was ready to take a picture, the phone was locked.  So she asked the phone owner to unlocked.  And disaster happened.  She threw the phone  to the owner but she couldn’t catched it. And the phone was sinked down in the sea.  The wave took phone out of no where.

We’re panic for sure.  Some of the tourists helped us to find the phone, but they couldn’t found it.  So that we became the center of attention.  My friends cried. The owner of the phone got shocked and my other friend felt guilty.  The other tourists also felt sorry for us.

Time to lunch was ready, the boat must go to a local restaurant in another island.  The phone was still missing.  But the tour leader and the boat crew promised to helped us.  He called his friends (other boats) to look for the phone too.

We didn’t go to local restaurant. We didn’t care about food anymore.  We went back to the lagoon to look for the phone.  Then, fortune happened. One of the boats crew found the phone.  We were happily screaming.  We couldn’t stop saying thank you to the crew and tour leader.  Then my friends gave money to them, as a thank you gift.

Then we went back to local restaurant to have lunch.  We thank the tourists  who helped us too.  Now no more tears only laugh and remained the story again and again.  This must unforgetable memory.

We went back to the hostel in the evening.  At night we looked for some souvenirs because the next day in the morning we had to go back to Jakarta.  I bought keychains and local cloth.

We tried the Thai massage too.  It was so good after we spent time touring in the day.  Thai Massage was very nice to release the fatigue.

Credit : Shinta Ries

Yeay ! Credit : Shinta Ries

Travel Cost

Ticket KUL-HKT Round Trip with Air Asia  = 177.02 MYR

Phiphi Island Tour and transfer hotel to airport Round Trip  = around 1600 THB

Thai Massage = 200 THB

Eat and drink = around 500 THB

Souvenir = around 500 THB

Hostel 2 nights  = around Rp 250.000



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    nunik utami
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    Huuuhh that disaster! Really shocked therapy! Hahaha … But, it was nicest experience. So, where is our next destination?

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      I guess Vietnam wkwkwkwk

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    Bangkok is always nice place to visit -again & again & again !-

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